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College. It is when your head is 1/4 stress 1/4 home sickness 1/4 culture shock 1/4 weight limit. Now you will think that i am nuts if i say that college isn’t something to be afraid about. Truth to be told It is. 

I recently began college to master in secondary education major in biology and i study in a school where all people master in education, in layman’s term, it is a school for teachers. Going in there meaning i have to leave my rock loving lifestyle and be a goody-goody and a prim and proper woman, which is someone i am not. Then I pulled my self together. 

I continued to have a rock loving lifestyle and people considered me as a weird person, an introvert and very offending. I cared for what they thing for God’s sake, but one thing not to do in college is to think about what people think about you. 

So I continued to live as I am and I am as happy as I can be. Some people accept me some people don’t. It is a cliché but you really cannot please every one because you shouldn’t. 

Getting accepted for who you are is not a choice for you to make, it is the choice for humanity, for the universe to either accept the amazing and irreplaceable person you are or reject you, your choice here is to continue living happily for who you are or let the universe change you and turn you into a mainstream dick head.

College and the universe is pretty much the same, except for the fact that college is smaller than the universe. College is where you are moulded to be the person you want to be when you go and face your real life. And like in there, people will try to change you, circumstances will sometime ruin your faith in yourself, but you know what, fuck it. You are awesome for who you are and I believe that every person has a unique characteristic to deal with whatever life throws at you- don’t let the college pressure take away that uniqueness and turn you into a person you are not because you feel the need to fit in. 

Be yourself and you will be fine.

You may not have a million of friends, but a few real ones will help. 

Being accepted is not everything there is.

THINK ABOUT IT.Will you let college have the best of you? Or, will you give the “fuck you” it deserves for being such a bitch and changing every body by being yourself?

your pick. 

And sin, young man, is when you treat people like things.
Vic and Chris
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